Week 1: Buttermilk Biscuits for Breakfast

Its Friday night and I’m thinking about breakfast for tomorrow morning (yes, I live an exciting life these days :)…I had recently made breakfast for dinner and my guy complained about the store-bought biscuits, jokingly making the ultimatum “no more store biscuits, I want homemade biscuits from now on!”

So I turned to my new cookbook, “Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook”, and perused her biscuit recipes.  I had all of the ingredients for her buttermilk biscuits (page 32) and decided these were the ones.  Here is where I also admit shamefully that this Southern girl has never made homemade biscuits and is a bit intimidated by the idea 😦

I woke up early this morning (7:30!) with the plan of having breakfast ready by 9:30 (my guy had to be at work by 11am). Of course I was slow to get started, got distracted researching seasonal fruits and winter citrus baking recipes (more on this later in the week), and didn’t even get started until 9.  Now the recipes in Martha’s book are clear and detailed, but I was starting at a disadvantage because I don’t own a pastry blender, biscuit cutter or silicone spatula…instead I planned to use a fork to cut the butter, a large cooking spoon as a spatula, and a regular drinking glass as my biscuit cutter. It took me at least 20 minutes to cut the butter into the flour mix with my fork, and then when mixing the buttermilk into the flour I again could NOT get my dough to come together!  It was a crumbly mess, so I broke down and added more buttermilk, 3 extra tablespoons…those of you who read about my adventure making scones will recall that this is a familiar problem for me…Anyways all else went smoothly and the drinking glass worked fine as a biscuit cutter.  I cooked the biscuits for 19 minutes, and even rotated the baking sheet halfway through!

The end result was 10 lovely looking buttermilk biscuits, which I served with butter, jam, bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese.  My guy said they were much better than the store-bought ones and Tay (his 11 year-old daughter and burgeoning food critic) told me they were very good! Even I thought they were good…I have to say I am pleased with my first attempt at biscuits, and feeling more Southern by the moment!

p.s. This afternoon while doing the weekly shopping at Wal-Mart, I bought a pastry blender ($3.29) and a silicone spatula ($2.99).


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