Week 3: Continuing with Cakes

Yesterday I had intended to bake bread, not a quick bread mind you, but the yeast bread (of horror) that I have been avoiding.  Well, this plan fell through because I realized that the only yeast I have in the house is pizza yeast, Fleischmann’s to be exact, and the interwebs could not conclusively answer whether I could also use this to make bread…so sadly bread was out (!). 

Once more the recipes in Martha were too involved, this time it was my mood and motivation that were lacking, so I opened one of my go-to websites and pretty much decided to bake the first cake recipe I read, which can be found here: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/black-magic-cake/Detail.aspx

What I liked about this recipe was that I had all of the ingredients, it was pretty much a “beat and bake” cake, and one of the reviewers suggested baking it in a bundt pan, which appealed to my laziness…I followed the recipe exactly, although I am not sure how strong  “strong coffee” is, so I made a regular pot of coffee.  I cooked the cake in a bundt pan and at the recommended 40 minutes my cake had only partly risen and was very gooey on the inside, so I baked it for an additional 15 minutes (altitude adjustment :)), and it looked done…cooled for 10 in the pan, and then turned it out (easy!) to cool the rest of the way.  

While it was cooling I needed to figure out what else to do with it, as my guy’s comment was, “is that it? it needs something…”  In perusing my glazing and frosting options, I stumbled across a bag of “leftover from christmas” Hersey’s kisses and decided to use them in a frosting.  I melted approximately 30 kisses with a stick of butter over medium heat…it started out as an oily mess, with the butter and chocolate not combining until I started adding heavy cream…of course this did the trick, and very quickly I had a wonderful chocolate sauce, not quite frosting or glaze, which I poured over the cake.  This time it was my guy watching as I poured, and similar to my adventure with Tay the other day, it was him licking the chocolate up as it poured over the cake and onto the counter, like father like daughter 🙂

After dinner we each had a small slice of cake with milk (it needed something to cut the sweet), and it was chocolate heaven!  The cake was moist and rich, and my guy ate it quickly with a very satisfied look on his face….another cake success!

p.s. yeast bread will have to wait another week…Tay is having a friend sleepover this weekend, and requested that we make chocolate chip cookies on Saturday…who am I to refuse such a request? 


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